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So,  Louisville KY we sure have seen some “different ” weather lately. We have had one of the worse winters in almost 20 years.  Much more snow than we usually get in the Louisville, KY area.  We are missing many work days this winter because it has been either too cold or too “snowy” or “snow covered” to tear off a roof and put a new one on.

If your residential shingled roof eave overhangs your building in the form of a cornice , soffit, or “boxing” as some call it, you may especially be vulnerable to leaks caused by ice damming. This sort of damage is usually caused in roof valleys.

All of your roof that is directly above heated space normally will thaw sooner than parts of the roof that is not above these types of heated areas. Yes, even though you have insulation in your attic, some heat escapes.  Many homeowners think that insulation will totally protect you from this but that is simply not true.  The snow in this area melts before the snow lower down slope on the overhang eave, which is not above heated space. When the melted snow (water) runs down slope and hits that snow, it can’t escape because of the “ice dam” blocking it. Then if we follow the entire process we will see that the water backs up and causes leaks because these types of roofs shed water – the material is not water-tight like membrane roofs are. Finally toward the end we will notice an added complication is when it stays below freezing for several days after snow and even until the next snow.  And then you guess it.   “Here we go again with more leaks.”

There is a special roof underlayment material that we call ice shield and this ice shield should be install with the felt paper.  The ice shield is only installed in the valleys and other specialized areas like chimneys and vents, etc. This ice shield provides added protection under the shingle roof in these crucial areas. With all of the winter weather that we have experienced this year, it is of the upmost importance that we use ice shield to protect the homes of our clients. 

If you need a roof soon, you may want to consider this. The cost of the ice shield will cost just a little more, but the ice and water shield underlayment may help to avoid leaks caused by ice damming. The good news is that it may not snow like this again for several years so you may not leak again for several years because of this issue.  If Louisville Roofing and Remodeling installs your new roof you can be rest assured that we will use the ice shield will be used on your home.  Protecting your home is our business.   

Roofers in Louisville, KY – What are the best shingles for the price

Many times the homeowner will ask our Roofing Professional, what is the best shingles to use in the Louisville, KY area.  When we consider some of the storms that seem to hit our metro area every other year if not every year, we recommend an architectural shingle.  These shingles are much heavier and therefore much more resistance to wind storms.  There has been three wind storms in the past 12 months in the Louisville, KY area that have actually uprooted multiple trees.  When the wind storms reach this amount of wind speed many roofer are damaged.  Most of the time it is the roofs that have the three tab shingles that are actually damaged as a result of these wind storms.  The architectural shingles are more expensive and therefore some homeowners will opt to use them.  At Louisville Roofing and Remodeling we just want to educate the homeowner and allow them to make their own decisions as to which shingle to use to protect their home.

Roofers in Louisville, KY shingling over existing layers of shingles – Responses

In response to our posting of shingles over existing shingles in the Louisville, KY area, we would like to answer the follow question;

Question if it is not a good idea to shingle over existing shingles in the Louisville, KY area then why do roofing companies do this.  The answer is that many man hours of labor is saved when shingling over an existing layer of shingles.  There is also a savings of cleanup as well as haul off of old shingles.  This savings is enough for some roofing companies to shingle over existing layers.  At Louisville Roofing and Remodeling we want to educate the homeowner of the concerns surrounding this issue as well as many other issues concerning the roof that protect your largest investment.  Most of our business is obtained through word of mouth referrals.  We take great pride in protecting your home and it shows over and over again each time another client refers us to a family member or friend.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Roofer in Louisville shingling over existing layers of shingles

After making the post about shingles over existing shingles in the Louisville, KY area, some of our clients have emailed with a few questions.   The biggest concern with the shingles over existing shingles is that the shingles will shift.   The more layers of shingles that you put on a roof, the more likely this is to happen.  A couple for of the roofs replaced by our professional roofers in Louisville, KY our roofers have removed up to 4 existing layers of shingles.  When you ask any roofer with almost any sort of professional experience they will tell you that this is just wrong.  If you have questions, concerning your roof or your home, please contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Louisville Roofers Top reasons not to shingle over existing shingles.

The first part of this list can be found on

The 2nd part of this list is listed below.


Reason 6)Gaps between shingles. When there are two layers of shingles, gaps can form between the layers. This allows a space into which debris and weather can settle. This will make the roof more susceptible to hail, snow, and rain damage; and create unnecessary weight on the roof.
Reason  7)Lastly, not removing the original layer of shingles does not allow for a bare roof to build a new protective layer upon. Having a fresh start and a plain surface to lay fresh felt upon is extremely important in making sure the roof is completely protected.


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